We still have stock of Influenza Vaccines.  Please come in as soon as you can.  

Immunisations are provided at all primary care practices and are one of the most important services they provide. Immunisation has led to the decline of many lethal diseases including, most recently, meningococcal B meningitis. 

Babies are routinely immunised for tetanus, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B and haemophilus, which are now combined in one injection. Injections are normally be done by specially qualified nurses or doctors, having ensured beforehand that the child is not ill or suffering from allergies. Each child has his or her own document to keep a record of these injections. The immunisation record will need to be shown, for example, when starting school. The staff will also record the immunisation details on New Zealand's National Immunisation Register. This information system holds details of all immunisations given to children here. The computer will alert families when immunisations are due. 

Pneumococcal vaccine, Chicken Pox, Shingles and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine are now included in the immunisation programme. These injections and the influenza vaccine is provided free for many groups. Patients can also request travel vaccines but since these carry no government subsidy, you will have to pay for them. 

Reactions to immunisation are increasingly extremely rare following improvements in vaccine research and production. 

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At Auckland Central Medical we strongly advise all our patients to be fully immunised. 


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