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Services We Offer:

We would like to invite all our patients who require their Influenza or COVID vaccination to contact our friendly team to arrange for us to give your vaccination in a painless, efficient and safe manner.

Due to the high volume of phone calls, our preferred method of contact is via email

Our Fees: Video/Telephone consultation fee minimum charge is $19.50 or your applicable standard consultation fee with a $6 surcharge, which ever is the greater amount.​​

Offering a wide range of patient services:

Email or phone us to book your Influenza or COVID Bivalent Pfizer-Biotech and Novavax vaccination now. 

Our normal business hours Mon, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9.30am-5pm


Order your Repeat Prescriptions Online:


Repeat prescriptions can be provided for some stable, on going conditions, however you should discuss this with your doctor. You will need to have consultations regularly to make sure that your condition is monitored within medical guidelines.

To request a repeat prescription, please go to Manage M<y Health or fill out the online form

Alternatively you could email us at


Your prescription will be ready the following day. We will contact you if we are unable to repeat your prescription without a consultation with Dr Wong.


There is a charge for repeat prescriptions, including any uncollected scripts. Prescriptions can also be faxed to your pharmacy.

Repeat Prescriptions:

Standard: $24 - Please allow up to 48 hours for your script to be sent to your pharmacy of choice. 

Same Day Prescription request before 4pm (send out before 5pm): $35

Lab order/Referral/Paperwork in absence of consult :$38

Cervical Smears: GP (Standard Consult + $25.00) Nurse Practitioner $48

Liquid Nitrogen: GP (Standard Consult +$38) (Additional Lesion $23)

Initial PrEP consultation for Truvada to prevent HIV, unenrolled initial consult:  $250

PrEP follow up consult :$125

Hair Transplantation Consultation cost $125 ring 09 360 1250 to book

Letter of proof COVID vaccination or Referal or paperwork in absence of consultation  : $38/letter

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